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Al successo con un percorso difficile. (Ad Astra per Aspera!) Tecnologia antipresa...

11 key facts about new Eterna™

A unique nonstick that breaks the rules: now 1+1=3!
Eterna is unique technology in fluoropolymer composites that
creates significant improvements in release properties greater
than any individual fluoropolymer. In simple terms, 1+1=3!

  1. It’s the world’s longest-lasting nonstick — ever. In the Dry-Egg test, Eterna’s nonstick/release lasted 26 times longer than a leading brand, and 10 times longer than the premium nonstick tested. Also is a clear winner in the Tiger Paw and LGA Shaker tests.
  2. Has extremely high gloss to attract consumer’s eye at point-ofsale.
  3. Offers film thicknesses of 1.0-1.5 mils (25-37 microns) for extra wear if customer so wishes.
  4. Comes in two coats for reduced inventory, easier application (can be three-coat if customer prefers).
  5. Uses conventional cure equipment (no change in oven).
  6. Requires no special equipment (easy to handle with existing spray line).
  7. Is user-friendly throughout entire application process.
  8. Uses standard surface preparation (surfaces must be clean; aluminum surfaces can be blasted or etched chemically; stainless steel must be blasted).
  9. Works perfectly on stainless steel and aluminum (pressed, cast or hard-anodized).
  10. Is dishwasher-safe.
  11. Withstands use with metal utensils.